Currently Playing

LOTRO: not all that much yet – got a bard to level 9 so far. I think this may be the best F2P MMO I’ve tried so far though, so maybe I’ll last a little while.

Mass Effect: Started a new game because I’m so in love with the franchise. Hopefully the start of a full ME1-ME2 playthrough, since there are still DLC I haven’t done in ME2.

Batman Arkham Asylum: Haven’t played this game before, despite it being so lauded. I can see why it was now.

Europa Barbarorum: The best mod for Rome Total War ever, I have gotten fairly deeply into a Carthage game – without cheating! Iberia shall soon be mine! I was actually planning on doing a kind of campaign diary dealy on here, but print screen appears not to work to take screenshots on the bloody thing, and I am a technical imbecile.

Also: a host of other games I haven’t gotten around to properly yet.


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