Dungeons Of Dredmor

So I’ve been playing the hecks out of Dungeons of Dredmor recently. A blinking good game.

Anyhow: the best impression is to show a game of it, so here is my experience of my latest character.

Firstly, we have the difficulty screen. This is the second time I’ve tried hard: otherwise I’ve been on Medium, although permadeath is always selected.

Next: the skills screen. My typical setup is either a weapon skill with shields, armour, smithing and a couple of ancillary skills. This time I’ve gone for a mage-y style ones: staves, dodging, mathemagics, pyromancy, magic scholar, ley-walker (increased mana regen), and perception.

Now I’m here, in the dungeons of the dredmors! Curse you dredmor, you shall soon be crushed under my magicks! Turns out you get a rather nice tweed jacket from the magical scholar skill. My spells are a pretty bog-standard firey spell, and a spell that teleports me anywhere, randomly. Unfortunately my staff skills are not such that I will do any decent damage to anything: 2 crushing plus 1 – that’s pretty awful.

Good god. The first door I kick in contains a room with a horrendous Zomby. It takes me all my mana and virtually all of my health. On the plus side: a bolt of mass destruction lies in the room – I don’t have a ranged character (or even a crossbow, come to it), but you can sell these delightful items for over 6,000 zorkmids. A tidy sum that can buy you some fairly natty starting gear. Here’s hoping I find a shop soon.

And then I change direction, head south and find two blobbies and a foul-mouthed lil-batty. Since I wisely decided to go into the room without first waiting for my health or mana to regenerate, I am now locked into a test of my skills of avoidance.

And my skills aren’t up to snuff it turns out. After scoffing some cheese and quaffing some brew, I get backed into a corner and am left with no choice but to use my wildly unpredictable teleport spell. Here goes nothing!

Hm. The other side of the wall. Not too bad, considering.

Fire! Fire from mine very fingertips! Oh. They aren’t in the area affected. Oh. Back to the avoidance tactic!

I avoidance myself into the room where the blobbies and the batty came at me – slaughtering a sickly diggle in my way, I launch a fireball towards the entry where my foes are following me. Then I expertly back into a corner without enough mana to use my emergency teleport. This is it. The ultimate test of my abilities as a staff-fighter. Come on, you blobby git! Have at ye, you batty bastard! You can’t take me!

Well it turns out that they can take me – just not alive. Here ends my terrible playthrough. Christ, hard mode is hard.

And my score.

And my scores from less unsuccessful ventures just to put it into some kind of perspective. For the record, I have never been lower than floor 3: I have no idea how deep the dungeon goes.

Just a little fun extra from the crafting menu of one of my better playthroughs: some of the weirder recipes you can find from bookcases. Plastic Platemail is actually surprisingly good (considering how abjectly awful pleather armour is), especially if you want an agile character who can still dodge.


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