Now Playing 29/07/2011

Mass Effect 2: Finally completed ME1! Whoop! Something I actually don’t really like about ME2 is the armour you have to wear – it’s so bulky. I was a class (infiltrator) that used light and medium armour in the first game, so the heavy armour in ME2 just looks like overkill to be honest. What makes it all the more puzzling is that in the intro sequence there is Shepherd standing there in her medium armour (and having played the intro as a light-class, you can see her in light armour too). Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to just get the intro right, and then discard for the rest of the game. I suppose that all the extra components may have been a hassle to do for three different armours. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to finding the good characters so I don’t have to bring Mr and Ms boringface with me on missions anymore, and much later playing the Arrival DLC, which I have yet to try.

Batman: Arkham Asylum:  Played a little more of this. I actually do think it’s a great game, and although I’m not certain it deserved the constant praise it got all that time ago, I’m very glad I picked it up.

Dungeons of Dredmore: Still played, although less than last week. Got a high score of over 70,000 now, and have reached the fourth floor.


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