Now Playing 06/08/11

World of Warcraft: obviously, following the last post. My progress so far is: a level 27 Draenei Warrior (the character I am levelling with my friend), a level 21 Human Mage (the character I was levelling when he wasn’t around), and a level 22 Blood Elf Priest (the character I’m now levelling when he’s not around, since his main is horde and on a different server – and I thus get sweet sweet handouts).

As usual I’m finding being a healer easiest. A priest is a little different to a paladin (which was my main class last time I played), so there’s still a little change to get used to – but overall, I feel most at home healing. Tanking with a warrior is a different story alltogether: I constantly feel on the edge of control (if I feel in control at all), and my hold on the skillset is pretty loose. Having said that – I played a few instances this morning with my healer, and there are much, much worse tanks out there than me. DPS is something that I can just about handle, but don’t excel at all.

Sword of the Stars: This is a game I come back to semi-regularly because I am a big old sucker for 4x games. It’s simultaneously brilliant and flawed, although I’d say it stays on the brilliant side of track more often than not: ship customisation is pretty intuitive and meaningful, races are different and intelligently so, and the randomised tech-tree is a good touch (although frustrating when you don’t get something you are used to using). The bad side of things, at least to me is that the planetary side of things is pretty simplified: there are no buildings, no different planet types,  and star systems consist of a single planet and nothing else. I am someone who likes detail, so this isn’t ideal for me: however, SotS II will be having star systems with multiple planets in, so I’m very much looking forward to that. Also: Hivers are the best. That is all.

Europa Univeralis III: Divine Wind: I’m a pretty big fan of Paradox strategy games, despite Hearts of Iron 3 not grabbing me (due to it’s insane complexity), and not having bought Victoria 2. Still – I have loved EU3, and have sunk dozens of hours into it. However, I never got around to buying the newest expansion, so when I saw it was on special-deal-offer over at Gamersgate (don’t rush over all at once – that was over a week ago), I picked it up with my spare blue coins. Now, I’m liking it – having great fun as Portugal right now. The only thing I will say is that the way that China and Japan works isn’t really making me amazed by it’s brilliance, and considering that was the focus of the expansion, that’s something of a shame. It really feels like a pared-down version of the Holy Roman Empire, in both cases. Still, on balance the numerous improvements make me think it’s a good addition.


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