Now Playing 14/08/11

World of Warcraft: Still rambling along with my priest now – got to level 32. Still think healing is the best thing for me – I feel very shaky on DPS-duty. I’ve also done something that happened several times to me in WoW before playing it on previous occasions: getting sidetracked by crafting instead of actually playing the main levelly-game. I just find making stuff and using it really quite satisfying: perhaps I should try being one of those insane people who levels a character purely by collecting resources.

King’s Bounty Armoured Princess: A game I bought ages ago, and haven’t particularly touched. I played the first (King’s Bounty The Legend) and found it pretty good, although I didn’t get that far. AP seems to improve the format – a bit more polished, a few more features. The whole combat system always seemed a little odd to me (it seems that most battles are massively stacked in either your or the enemies favour), but looty-levelly-RPGy stuff always appeals to me, so goody and hurray.

Europa Universalis: Divine Wind: Still plodding along with this one – trying to find a nation I can prosper with. I’ve given Castille a go a couple of times this last week and had disastrous wars both times. I think I will have to either do better or develop the mental discipline to play through an unfavourable war and try to recover.

Sword of the Stars: Again, still running around galaxies as big space-aliens popping through space-gates, killing space-enemies and designing space-ships. Still can’t wait for the sequel.


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