Now Playing 23/08/11

Dwarf Fortress: Actually, I’ve been involved in a succession game (read about it here) – having dipped into Dwarf Fortress numerous times over the last couple of years I can say it’s a game I really enjoy – however it’s one I’ve never felt at all competent at, and there are quite a few things I’ve never mastered (such as animal training for example). It’s also a very odd experience to start a fort which is already up and running without your input – a much different type of challenge than setting up one yourself. I feel pretty sorry for the next guy though, since the fortress has become much more complex in the last two seasons, and working out where everything actually is located is half the battle in a succession game.


World of Warcraft: not been playing all that much, frankly. I’ve taken to levelling almost exclusively by using the dungeon finder now – currently got my priest to level 36, so slowly getting up there. We’ll see how much longer it takes for me to get totally bored with it.


Europa Universalis: Divine Wind: Still playing a very enjoyable game as Castille right now. Colonisation is fun (in games).


King’s Bounty Armoured Princess: Still playing it. Nothing more to say about it, though, apart from it’s getting a little more tricky.


Space Pirates and Zombies: I’ve been putting in a fair few hours into this game; it’s pretty low-fi, but I’m liking it quite a lot. 2d spaceship-combat already has fond memories for me due to playing Subspace aaaaages ago, and this is a really nicely distilled form of that kind of game in singleplayer form.


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