Now Playing 31/08/11

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: As detailed in the previous post, it’s well good it is. Check that shit out, man.


Dwarf Fortress: Finished the succession fort year that I’ve been on (again, check it out here if you want to see it), and I’ve tried a few more. My first fort was going pretty amazingly until I tried to make a well underneath the Z-layer where the water supply was (and I foolishly had no floodgates to stem the flow) which resulted in the entire lower-regions of the fort being flooded. The second met a very similar fate except with lava – I managed to dig into the great magma sea without realising that I was on the wrong Z-layer to simply see it, and resulted in my entire mining-zone becoming awash with lava. I wasn’t too upset to be honest – that fort had zero mineral wealth to speak of at all – the only metal on the map seemed to be the admantine at the bottom. My current fort seems to be doing ok on Year 2: we’ve got plenty of gold and tetrahedrite (copper/silver ore), and enough lignite to keep the furnaces working.


Europa Universalis III: Still a great game. Still a long-term game. Still keeps me playing for a while.


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