Now Playing 04/09/11

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Now I’ve been trying to hold off playing this for a little while, since I’ve got a new GPU which will allow me to play at above the very lowest settings (I’ve got a 220 GT right now, which is fairly pants, soon to be upgraded to a 450 GTS as soon as the goddamn correct power cables and jazz arrives – I hate technologies sometimes), but I can’t stop myself playing a little. I’ve now almost finished the Hang Sha section, and it’s still good as ever.


Space Pirates and Zombies: This game is basically Subspace (the multiplayer-online-2d-space-shooter) but single player, with RPG elements. I’m loving it to be honest, although it’s not all that easy, because if you push on ahead too far you’ll be completely outclassed by the ships you have to fight, and if you are too conservative and stay back the whole time, you’ll never get decent ships to use (due to the way unlocking ships works: by killing a certain amount of them in order to use them yourself), so it’s basically a constant balancing act, as well as juggling  resources (minerals [Rez] and men [Goons]) and trying to hunt for better components to use, as well as specialists to give you yet more bonuses.  Anyhow, if you like funky space-games, give this one a spin – check out the demo here if you want.


Neptune’s Pride: A pretty interesting in-browser game, it’s essentially your bog-standard 4x game stripped to it’s bare bones, stretched out over days and days, and yet it still seems very interesting. Why? Because it’s people against people! Those flesh-AIs you sometimes encounter online. This means it’s a masterpiece of diplomacy and betrayal. Expect an after-action report on it once my game is finished – and just to give you a small idea of how long it takes, I’ve taken 5 screenshots in the past  3 days of playing. This may take a while.


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