Now Playing 13/09/11

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Still plodding along with this great game. Really enjoying almost everything about it, although I’ve now officially got sick of the Boss Battles. I died about a zillion times fighting the cloaking-cyber-lady; the reasoning behind making really traditional boss battles in a game where you can otherwise go about without killing a single soul seems very odd to me. Don’t do it again, Eidos. Naughty.


Dead Island: After a fairly shaky launch, Dead Island now seems pretty playable, and I’m finding it to be pretty ace. What it boils down to is the extremely visceral combat: it’s so satisfying that every fight is a joy, which is a great way to keep you playing a long game. Also, the worries that people had about guns being too prevalent are unfounded, at least as far as I can tell: I’ve found a grand total of 6 bullets (1 in a gun I was given, 5 in a gun I found) in my many hours of playing. There’s also a fair amount to do in terms of sidequests, exploring, and the like. All in all, one of the better zombie games out there. A shame it couldn’t live up to the emotional nature of the initial trailer, but it’s good in a different way.


Civilisation V: Just got this, and I haven’t given it all that much time yet. Conclusions to come.


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