Why I can’t play Minecraft on my own anymore

Recently I started playing Minecraft on a new server (no you can’t have the IP), and it’s pretty ace. Here, take a look at a map that’s been made:


I’m in the mighty fortress of Nieuw Fiyenyaasholm (don’t ask me why “new” is in Dutch). I’ll take some proper screens of it when the server is back up: it’s modelled on a Dwarf Fortress-style holdfast. The tower exists because that’s generally how I waste excess stone in DF, and because it’s a landmark.


However, this new development has completely ruined Minecraft’s single-player for me. I love visiting new areas and seeing impressive and bizarre constructions already made: I love exploring with other people, helping them survive their first night before they’ve made a shelter, and giving them a little food to keep them going. I really cannot overstate the pleasure of simply making a road between two populated points, knowing it’s going to make people want to travel it just because it’s there. And the problem is that none of this stuff is recreated in the single-player game. Sure, you can get the eerie ghost towns as of the new patch, but it’s not the same as a mighty edifice or a monument to past deeds erected by an actual player. Perhaps when NPCs are introduced, the single-player game’s barren isolation will be partially reduced, but until then, my advice to everyone is find a great server and have some funs with it. And make sure you set up a brilliant farm, because you’ll always need a shed-load of food.


2 thoughts on “Why I can’t play Minecraft on my own anymore

  1. I understand how you feel. So many possibilities in multiplayer

    However, Multiplayer servers have proven a bit too buggy for me to feel comfortable playing in them. I’m hoping once the game is fully released giant chunks of land wont be missing in SMP.

    1. Fiyenyaa

      I actually haven’t had that problem very often for the last few patches – I do remember having to log out every 10 minutes to remedy that in the past, though. Ah, the good old days! >_>

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