How to sod up a release, SotS II style.

I’ve been really looking forward to Sword of the Stars II. The original SotS was one of my favourite 4xes, and certainly one of the best in recent years, previews of SotS II have been almost all positive, and it looked like there’d be some exciting new features.

Well I’m sure that in a few months or more, my excitement will have been justified. Now? They’ve released a product that is unfinished.

Nerd rage began yesterday evening when the Steam countdown was delayed by an extra four hours (which turned out to be more like 35 minutes, but was labelled as an extra 4 hours to begin with), and naturally led to a load of people going “boo, steam!”. I was annoyed, but I thought “whatever, I can wait”. Then it was released – and soon after reports started to come in from people on the Steam and Paradox forums (the Kerberos forums being almost always down since around launch time) that the game was in a mess. In-game options being completely unusable, the game always being in windowed mode, unavailable options (such as scenarios), missing graphics, screwy combat AI, frequent crashes, and certain game mechanics not working at all (for example, the Crew-Supply-Energy dynamic for the ships has no impact upon it’s performance and cannot be changed, no matter what modules you use).

We then get the news that Steam received a beta-build, and the launch-build was uploading .  The launch-build arrived many hours later, and seemed to be little different to previous one.


There’s still a little confusion as to whether another beta-build was sent out or if the game was just utterly unfinished. It’s a really sad state of affairs anyway. I think Kerberos will probably clean up their mess eventually (SotS was an extremely well-supported game), but damn it if they haven’t made an awful lot of people bitter.


2 thoughts on “How to sod up a release, SotS II style.

  1. Chris

    From what I understand, the first SOTS was also released in a troubled state. It was only made playable after the expansions were released. After that, it became one of the best 4X games of all time.

    Sadly, this seems to be a repeat. Actually, the oldies tell me that this one is in even worse state than SOTS 1 was. Let’s see on Monday how this one goes down.

    1. Fiyenyaa

      I’ve heard much the same thing too.
      The real difference (as far as I understand it – I played very little of vanilla SotS) is that the original was bugged but playable, whereas I’d say that SotS II is absolutely not playable, at least not for me.
      As I say – I think it’ll end up being a great game, but the fact that it was released is really kind of sad.

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