Fus Ro Dah! Skyrim shouts in my face!

Good goodness. Skyrim came out, guys, dunno if anyone has noticed. I’ve been having a real good time with it, too, as my lack of blog posts can attest to (as well as having been working at “an job” – previous inactivity can be put down to Aurora, which I’ll go into another time).

So, it’s good. Most people agree, I think, so let’s just talk about a few points about the thing.

Combat: melee is basically the same, with a few touches up (block-attacking is a good addition, and I personally like the cinematic finishers, although I can understand how people could find it annoying). I haven’t done much dual-wielding with melee weapons because of this Bad Thing; you can’t block with two one-handed weapons, because each mouse button is bound to each hand, so you can’t use either to block (unlike wielding a shield, or a single weapon). There should be a block key – hopefully someone will mod that in. Magic seems much better, what with the dual-wielding mechanics, and the spells are alot more impressive than a little orb of coloured light.

Graphics: it obviously looks amazing. People who have insane PCs may complain that it’s not photo-realistic, but for everyone else it’s great. The art direction is much, much better than Oblivion, too; there is a nice character to the game and it’s aesthetics. Also, for those of us with modest PCs, the console-oriented release has proven pretty beneficial: I can run the game on medium-high settings with a decent framerate, so it’s obviously been very well optimised.

Quests: they’re ok. I haven’t done all that many – maybe 10 “proper” quests and a few dozen minor ones, but there are the usual mix of completely generic and a few nice ones. I’ve not done any Dark Brotherhood quests yet (the standout questline of the last game), so I don’t know if they are up to their usual standard.

The main quests seem a little better than Oblivion (being based on a political division as well as “hero saves the world” generic stuff), the Dragon Shouts are a nice touch (especially for non-magical characters, but there are shouts useful for any build), and voice acting is improved (being around as good as the videogame average, I’d say).

Good game. Gooood game.


3 thoughts on “Fus Ro Dah! Skyrim shouts in my face!

  1. Eric Sell

    Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to this game! I don’t know if it’ll work on my machine yet…have a MacBook Pro w/ XP on bootcamp. Have watched the 20min game vid twice, I think. Was a pretty big Oblivion fan, so this looks even better since all about the Nords. Mmmmm, tasty graphics!

    1. Fiyenyaa

      The requirements for Skyrim are pretty modest, actually. My PC (2.6 Ghz dual-core processor, 4Gb RAM, 450 GTS graphics card) runs it smoothly on medium-high graphics. The requirements are here, if you want to take a look.
      This is the beauty of current-gen consoles being ancient. Multi-platform releases should (in theory) run like a dream on a modest PC.

      1. Eric Sell

        Sweet! Yeah, I have a 2.4Ghz core 2 duo, only the minimum 2G RAM, but got an Nvidia 9600, so lookin’ good!

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