Failures in the Dungeons of Dredmor.

As promised: further misadventures in Dredmors deepest depths. Firstly, character creation and the new options available.

I’m going with normal difficulty this time, since my playthrough on hard was so flipping disastrous.

Skills: maces, dual-wielding, berserker rage, armour, perception, smithing, and the new demonologist one. Bit of an odd one, actually – it’s split into 6 skills, the first 3 of which allow you fight demons with righteousness, and the last 3 of which let you descend into demonic power.

Latest patch allows you to play as a lady. Blimey!

We enter the dungeons!

So characters with the armour skill now come with an iron breastplate. Also note the demonologist skill, which will be demonstrated later.

First room out of the starting area pretty much – some enraged diggles behind locked doors, and two levers. I think I’m going to leave those levers alone, thank you, since I currently only have a piece of wood with which to defend myself with. Moooove on.

Bit of combat, clear a room, find some lovely posters.

Oooh… An aluminium tube. Another weapon for my dual-mace-wielding character! So what if it’s literally the worst possible mace in the game?

That’s better – two maces maketh the warrior-woman, as the old saying goes.

Oh. A bone club. Even better! See you in hell, aluminium tube!

Sidequest goodness here. Basically the easiest way to earn random artifacts (unless they involve bosses being summoned, in which case they can be freaking deadly).

Oh, and there was a ghost in there. The bugger teleported, and apparently the anti-demon demonologist ability thingy doesn’t work on ghosts. Because it’s “undead” not a “demon”. Pah.

Heheheh… Stupid monsters, falling all over their own traps. It’s not like I routinely walk over every single trap in the game or anything.

Dadadada! Level up! First skill to improve is smith, because it has a trap-disarming bonus that allows me to get rid of some of the simpler traps. Also bonus burliness doesn’t hurt.

Helmet! Good one…

Thank you Krong, for giving my breastplate bonus resistance against a type of damage that I’ve actually never noticed any enemies deal out. Bad one…

A crafting vending machine? These are new. Holy crap, they sell chalk?! Buy it! Buy it now! This is a definate improvement, since you need chalk to make steel, and it was a real, real pain to get hold of before.

Yeah, that’s an evil magic potato. Something tells me these new vegetable monsters are something to do with the new vegan skill. Must try that out next time.

Whoop, a belt. Now I’m just not wearing any trousers or shoes…

Treasure room! Also; that mysterious blue portal is the very thing that led to my death last time. It transports you to what the death screen tells me is a “mysterious dimension” with some pretty tasty loot as well as a whole load of dangerous monsters. I’m going to steer clear for the time being.

Trousers! Decent trousers at that – shoes and gloves to go.

For this level-up, I go for another level in the perception skill. I need to see traps more than one square in front of me, in order to have half a chance of not stepping on them, so this skill is a must for me.

Aha, a demon. Gnomes are demonic in real life, too, right? Anyway, I use the anti-demon skill on it – observe:


And now he’s on fire, and close to death. A pretty good skill against the right enemies, although unfortunately next to useless against non-demonic foes, as far as I can tell.

Nextly, I find some very becoming square finger-jewelry. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but it does add elemental cold damage to all my attacks, so I say that’s a fair trade.

A whole swarm of lil’ Battys –  uh oh. Thankfully, by this point I do enough damage to take them out in one hit, and therefore they don’t pose much of a threat to me.

And here’s me being an absolute prat – I sold my ingot press in the shop. Auto sell is a great convenience, sure, but for the sake of the diggle-gods, pay attention when you do use it!

Thank the sweet baby diggle-Jesus; the crafting vending machine sold a new ingot press. Only cost me over ten times as much as I was paid for selling the old one. Ugh.

So yeah, you remember that portal that I said led to my death in a terrifying dimension full of evil beings hell-bent on ripping me a new smile-slot? I went into it again, because if there’s one thing that can overpower the visceral stench of possibly dying to death, then it’s a big pile of money and loot. So down into this hell-hole I go.

First monster – appears to be a squid. Can’t be too hard, right? Well, it turns out it took half my health points off me in order to kill it, and I had to stuff myself with aged steak and plums to recover. Yuck.

‘Nother monster. One more, I can take I thought. Unfortunately, there is also an invisible monster in this room as well, which appears and takes off a third of my hitpoints with each hit.

Not only that, but it gives me a delightful debuff that reduces my vision radius to 1 square. Forget fighting these guys – I’m gonna run.

I quickly quaff a regen potion and leg it to the doorway. There’s that invisible guy! Good grief, he’s almost able to block me… Gotta get past before he kills me.

Well, I managed to squeeze past, although I’m afflicted with the Diggle Plague. Drat, that’s not going to help things at all, at all.

Another regen potion is downed, and not pictured is the Inferno Potion that I also drink. This appears to give me fire resistance, as well as inflicting 2 fire damage on me every turn. That doesn’t sound good……

It wasn’t.


4 thoughts on “Failures in the Dungeons of Dredmor.

  1. I have been playing this for months and recently bought the Diggle expansion on steam.
    And I only just managed to get to the second level! I had amassed 6 thousand gold and had loads of neat stuff! I left it for a couple of days as I didn’t want to test my luck…and when I went back to it, I was dead within five minutes! 🙂
    ah well, re-roll I guess!…

    1. Fiyenyaa

      The farthest down I’ve ever gotten is floor 4; this game is a really difficult one, although I have heard some people say that it’s “too easy” – I presume that these people are roguelike-ultra players, because I’m not really experienced in that genre.
      Still – random maps, lots of loot, lots of skills; it keeps me coming back.

  2. Me too! It’s one of my habits is to get into any games that require study to play and is a different experience every time (e.g. Dwarf Fortress…say no more!).
    I even love the original Rogue and Nethack though I think I only ever got to the third or fourth level on them! Why do I torture myself so?!

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