The Old Republic

On the back of failing to get back into WoW like an expert recently, I was tempted by a friend who’s enjoying himself in TOR to give it a go, and the thing arrived yesterday and I’ve been playing it.

So – is it a complete WoW knock-off? The answer is yes and no, contradictorily enough. The interface, the combat style [for the most part], the classes and archetypes all have exact or close WoW equivalents [although of course we all know that WoW didn’t invent any of these things, but rather put them all into one polished package], so it’s instantly familiar.

However, the differences are enough to make it, at least for now, a worthwhile game. The obvious difference is story – so far I haven’t skipped a bit of dialogue, the voice0acting seems to be of a fairly high quality (especially by video game standards), and the quests are very rarely “kill X mobs” because that tends to be a bonus objective for existing quests, and as such isn’t compulsory. The fact that each class has a separate storyline is pretty darned good, too. The combat, whilst being hotkey-based like most other traditional MMOs, is actually slightly more actiony due to the lack of auto-attack, and I’d say it encourages you to use more than a handful of abilities due to the resource management.

So far, I haven’t reached a verdict; but it’s safe to say I’ll be playing it for a while longer. At least until Guild Wars 2 comes out, at any rate.


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