The Legacy of the Terran Federation; Part 3 – Revelations.

6th January, 2510

– 3 New research centres are commissioned.

– Gates connecting Alpha Centauri to Sirius, Ross 248 to Groombridge 34, and Proxima Centauri to an unidentified system are ordered.

6th June, 2510

– Geosurvey of Castillo is completed, with additional reserves of Vendarite, Sorium, and Corundium discovered. 1st Geology Team moves to Mercury.

23rd August, 2510

– The gate construction from the unexplored Jump Point in Proxima reveal a new system; Luyten 726-8.

23rd November, 2510

– Negligible mineral reserves found on Mercury; 1st Geology Team moved to Venus.

20th November, 2511

– Ruthless-class Destroyer designed: this is the first combat vessel to be designed by the Terran Federation. Official reasons for the design are preparation against any potential threats from seperatists and possible piracy on shipping lanes in the future. Conspiracy theorists claim that there an alien threat which is desperately being prepared against, although more sensible people point out the complete lack of evidence for such a claim. Qeshm Shipyards start retooling to produce this vessel.

10th January, 2512

– Groombridge 34 is gravitationally charted. The system now contains one unexplored Jump Point, as well as the Jump Point leading to Ross 248.

15th January, 2512

– The 1st Geology Team completes it’s survey of Venus, finding minimal minerals. They are moved along to Mars.

27th January, 2512

– The Kruger 60 system is discovered. Gravsurvey is begun.

19th Febuary, 2512

– The system of Ross 248 is finally Geosurveyed. Geosurvey ships are relocated to Sirius.

17th August, 2512

– Qeshm Shipyards’ retool is complete – two Ruthless-class hulls are laid down.

9th September, 2512

– Sirius is Gravsurveyed – there are two additional Jump Points. Explorer #2 moves to Luyten 726-8, and begins Gravsurvey.

24th November, 2512

– Two Jump Points are discovered in a single day in Kruger 60; a more stunning revelation is the fact that one of them appears to already have a Jump Gate connected to it.

The news is immediately relayed to Earth. Reaction is mixed, but tends towards dumbfounded amazement. Although there is an small degree of panic, there is reported to be no immediate threat since no ships have been detected, and the Discovery-class ships have the best current-gen sensors fitted. Elements in government argue that the news should be kept secret from the public, although the idea is soon dismissed as impractical. Hours after the news is received, and is announced to a hastily-convened press conference. The world is shocked – there are protests, celebrations, debates, public meetings and general mild chaos. Public order stays relatively calm, with only a few incidents of protests running into celebrations causing problems.

Governmental response is limited at first. Without any way to identify the builders of the gate and no clues beyond it’s existence, the decision is made to complete the Gravsurvey of Kruger 60, and only then to travel through the gate.

12th January, 2513

– The 1st Geology Team completes the in-depth survey of Mars, after having discovered reasonable deposits of Duranium. The team’s survey effort moves onto the rest of the major moons of Jupiter apart from Callisto.

19th March, 2514

– The first 2 Ruthless-class destroyers are completed, and assigned to the newly-created Sol Defence Fleet. After the discovered of alien architecture outside the Sol system, public opinion is now far more receptive to the building of warships, just to be prepared.

– A further Jump Point is discovered in Kruger 60.

7th June, 2514

– Kruger 60’s Gravsurvey is completed. There are 3 Jump Points in the system as well as the original point leading from Groombridge 34. The order is given for Explorer #2 to travel through the Jump Point with the alien gate.

19th June, 2514

– Struve 2398 is discovered through the gate, complete with a corresponding gate on the other side.

3rd May, 2515

– Luyten 726-8’s Gravsurvey is complete – no new Jump Points are discovered, meaning it is the first dead-end system discovered. Given that the only way into the system is through Sol, this raises interesting tactical possibilities in setting up a colony in this location – out of the way of the galaxy at large. However; there is only one world suitable for human habitation in any way, it will require lots of time to make it habitable, and minerals are relatively scarce in the system. Despite this, plans are drawn up for the future if this becomes a viable idea.

20th November, 2515

– A mining outpost on Europa is established.

12th August, 2516

– Two new civilian shipyards are established. They begin expansion.

– The new revised Galaxy map is published.


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