Legacy of the Terran Federation; Part 4 – Ever Outward

24th September, 2516

– Freight Flotillas begin shipping terraforming facilities and colony infrastructure to Mars.

13th December, 2516

– Struve 2398 Gravsurveyed. There are no additional Jump Points, making it a dead-end system. Explorer #2 is sent back to Sol for refueling, resupplying, and maintenence.

4th May, 2517

– Gliese 687 Discovered.

– 2 Colony Ships are laid down.

9th October, 2517

– Explorer #1 completes it’s maintenance refit. It is sent to Sirius to traverse one of the unexplored Jump Points.

10th October, 2517

– Explorer #3 and Explorer #4 are finish construction, and are assigned exploration missions.

10th November, 2517

– Procyon Discovered

17th December, 2517

– Class II Black Hole is discovered from a Jump Point leading from Sirius. Thankfully the pull is not strong enough to overwhelm the engines of the Explorer ship, the scouting mission is postponed for the time being, and the system is blacklisted for traffic.

13th January, 2518

– Stein 2057 Discovered.

18th January, 2518

– Colony infrastructure and terraforming facilities have been transported to Mars. All that is now left is for the colony ships to be completed to transport colonists. Massive programs are put into place on Earth to recruit suitable people.

28th June, 2518

– Luyten 726-8’s geosurvey is completed.

18th July, 2518

– A civilian mining concern is established on Ganymede. This is the first of such private enterprises offworld, and is welcomed by the government.

– A Jump Point is discovered in Stein 2051.

5th August, 2518

– Jump Point in Procyon discovered.

20th August, 2518

– Three Jump Points in Gliese 687 are discovered.

– The first two colony ships are completed.

21st August, 2518

– 80,000 men, women and children are transported from Earth to Mars, and begin the settlement of a new world for the first time in the history of humanity. Although Mars has little in the way of mineral wealth (merely some Duranium deposits), Mars is being used as a proof of concept for Terraforming. Enough facilities to employ 2.5 million people have been transported to the red planet, and will people will be shipped there until the facilities are all manned. The first facilities are activated and begin to pump Oxygen into the atmosphere, whilst the colony ships “Achilles” and “John Adams” continue to ship colonists.

13th September, 2518

– Jump Point discovered in Procyon.

27th September, 2518

– Two Jump Points discovered in Gliese 687.

20th June, 2519

– Jump Point discovered in Gliese 687.

26th August, 2519

– Civilian mine established on Asteroid #40 in the Asteroid Belt.

– Jump Point discovered in Stein 2051.

– Explorer #2’s maintenance overhall is completed.

9th October, 2519

– Wolf 359 discovered.

24th November, 2519

– Jump Point in Gliese 2519.

16th December, 2519

– Jump Point in Procyon.

10th March, 2520

– Kruger 60 has been geosurveyed.

24th March, 2520

– Jump Point in Procyon.

10th April, 2520

– Jump Point in Stein 2051.

27th uly, 2520

– Jump Point in Gliese 687.

3rd August, 2520

– Jump Point in Stein 2051.

– Stein 2051 gravsurvey complete.

6th August, 2520

– Gliese 48 discovered.

24th October, 2520

– Gliese 687 gravsurveyed. The system contains 9 Jump Points,  making it the system with the most Jump Points ever discovered, by a significant margin.

10th November, 2520

– Chi Draconis discovered.

7th April, 2521

– The first civilian operated starship has been launched; Parkin Transport and Logistics have funded and constructed a freighter. Trade runs between Earth and Mars are expected to start as soon as possible.

21st July, 2521

– Jump Point in Procyon.

6th September, 2521

– Jump Point in Gliese 48.

20th December, 2521

– A civilian freighter is launched by a new shipping company, Winter Transport Alliance.

– Procyon’s gravsurvey is complete. The system contains 6 Jump Points.

25th January, 2522

– Ross 619 discovered.

8th March, 2522

– Jump Point in Ross 619.

8th April, 2522

– Two new civilian freighters launched, one from each company.

22nd April, 2522

– Jump Point in Ross 619.

22nd September 2522

– Thermal contact discovered in Struve

– Geosurveyor #2 attempts to scan the contact.

– Missiles are launched from the contact, which destroy Geosurveyor #2 outright. The other 3 Geosurveyor ships in the system are ordered to retreat from the system. No communications are detected from the contact, and it proves impossible to even attempt to communicate. News of the ship’s destruction reaches Earth. This time, no press release is issued to the public; a mechanical accident is blamed on the ship’s destruction and commemorations to the first men and women who died in space are held, all whilst the heads of Earth’s military and government go into overdrive. The system is immediately blacklisted from further travel, and ideas are put forward for a garrison of sorts to keep watch over the system. Unfortunately, military vessels are in extremely short supply – the only 2 that exist being stationed in orbit around Earth. Since Struve 2398 is a dead-end system, and the sensor reading was fairly small, it is theorised that the contact was infact an automated defence which merely fired at anything in range of it’s sensors. However, the implications of this being true would be worrying in a different way; humanity could well be encroaching into territory owned by another race.

5th October, 2522

– Two Jump Points in Ross 619.

11th December 2522

– Jump Point in Gliese 48.

29th December, 2522

– Gliese 48’s gravsurvey is completed. The system contains 3 Jump Points.

12th Febuary, 2523

– Two Asteroid Mining ships are laid down, in order to combat some of the mineral shortages within the Sol system by mining rare minerals from low-stockpile high-yield asteroids. More ships will follow.

Theta Persei is discovered.

15th July, 2523

– Jump Point in Theta Persei.

19th March, 2524

– Chi Draconis’s gravsurvey complete; the system has one Jump Point, and is a dead-end.

– Two more freighters are launched by Parkin Transport and Logistics.

30th March, 2524

– Sigma Draconis is discovered.

16th May, 2524

– Ross 619’s gravsurvey is complete. The system has 5 Jump Points.

20th June, 2524

– V577 Monoceri is discovered.

– The latest map of known space is published.


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