The Old Republic has fallen.

At least, it has for me. I’ve unsubbed and uninstalled.

Here are the problems: I’ve played WoW off and on over the years, and I always found it pretty difficult to commit to a particular character (in terms of finding a class I’d be happy to play long-term), and I always found the combat to be too boring at a mechanical level. I also found that the impact your character made on the world was minimal when compared to games like EVE Online. Unfortunately these criticisms can be made towards SWTOR, at least as far as I’m concerned.

I think that combat in SWTOR is slightly tighter (essentially requiring more varied ability use) but that it’s still mechanically the same. Having played Guild Wars 2 months ago and finding the combat in that to be geuinely entertaining and at least partially skill-based, I just can’t go back to trad-MMO hotkey-combat.

I haven’t been able to commit to a class very well (although this could well be my own personal issue rather than anything else), and I think that being able to change your advanced class would be a good idea since having to plow through the starting levels just to pick a different one is kind of tedious. Although I quite like SWTOR’s slow levelling, it means that trying out another advanced class is a ridiculous chore.

As for impact on the world – it isn’t there. I really love Bioware games (I own almost every single one released since Baldur’s Gate 2), especially their narrative style, and I think the style still works in the framework of SWTOR – the problem is that every player is having these choices made, and it only makes an impact on your character not the world at large. Having played EVE for two years, I have experienced being able to genuinely change the world you are in. In single-player games with choices like Mass Effect, you get to genuinely change the world you are in. In trad-MMOs, you may get a little phasing and some different quest dialogue, but there’s really nothing more than that. It’s just not satisfying.

It’s conceptually and technically very difficult to achieve a ground-breaking game, so suppose I understand the rationale behind going for the traditional-MMO template – it’s just not for me these days.


2 thoughts on “The Old Republic has fallen.

    1. Fiyenyaa

      I played Guild Wars 2. It was months ago when I did – I have played Guild Wars 1 as well, but it’s not such a good thing to brag about 😛

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