Video games?!

Man, I ain’t updated this thingy in a little while.

Well. Some games have come out since I last jotted some thoughts down here, so why not jot again? Why not eh? What possible reason could I have? It’s not like I’m supposed to be doing some assignment for a degree right now or anything…

I’m just going to spew a few random thoughts before I move onto a few actual substantive posts in the next few days.

1: XCOM expansion/DLC coming out. Man. This thing looks sweet as a treat. Mechs, techs, genes, stuff. I lovedlovedloved XCOM Enemy Unknown, but I always felt that the progression through the tech and soforth was a bit shallow; maybe missing a layer or a branch or two. This is certainly adding a couple of branches at least. I cannot wait.

2: Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 may well be the best/worst thing to ever happen to me. The save-game convertor actually works quite well and by God, I now want to make about fifty-thousand alternate scenarios to start EU 4 with. Those games are awesome.

3: I dunno if anyone’s ever noticed, but people on the internet are really negative. See, look, I just did it as well. But it’s been kinda getting me down lately, and I may throw some ill-considered musings about it up, specifically related to how people talk about games online (spoiler; the word “hyperbole” will be used. A lot.).

4: I think that I now hate 2d platformers. There have been a fair few interesting, highly-rated games which also happen to be 2d platformers in the past few years. I’ve not liked any of them, most recently including Dust: An Elysian Tale and Mark of the Ninja. I’m not really sure why, but this genre seems to be a bit buggered for me. Which is weird; I used to flipping love Mario Land 2 and Bionic Commando on the Game Boy – but then that was around 15 years ago.

5: Rome 2 Total War is coming out in about two weeks. It’s gonna be great. That is all.

6: I really like the look of Saint’s Row 4, but am wary that I’ll get bored of it having completed Saint’s Row 3. I’ll probably get it. Probably.

7: I actually like and can sorta play a fighting game now. Mortal Kombat may have bad netcode and a ludicrious art design, but man it’s the first fighting game I’ve actually clicked with in terms of it’s systems ever.

8: Oh yeah, and DotA 2 happened to me. I’ve played over 600 matches, over 600 hours. I never even considered playing a MOBA before, and now look at me; up to my neck in one. Disgusting.


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