So DotA 2 is a video game that I like.

Well, we all do things we think we’ll never do.


Yeah, that’s me as of today. I remember, roundabout a year ago an online chum of mine said he had some beta keys for DotA 2. “Man, I probably won’t enjoy it; give it to someone else who’ll like it more.” I said to him. Well, eventually I took it anyway because he had bags and bags of them, and we started playing.

Starting DotA 2 is tough, and I’d never ever played that kind of game before. Luckily I started playing with some friends who were as new as I was, and we also had a few people who knew a little more to teach us – although that included at least one tutor who was rude enough to (I think anyway) push one of our group away from playing the game in the long-term. That’s the crazy thing about this game; it has a big community, some of whom are lovely helpful types, but the average experience of playing a match generally isn’t great from that angle.

If you’re bad or unlucky, then chances are you’ll be the loving recipient of racial epithets, swearing, creepy-weird-stalker-abuse, and general unpleasantness. There are nice people for sure, but the horrible ones are much louder. So really, I don’t know why I like this game; it’s not easy and I tend to enjoy easy games, it’s not persistent and I tend to love levelling up or gaining something from playing games, and it’s really easy to cause other people misery through playing badly (me) or abusing them in game (some other people). So what the heck is wrong with me? Am I some kind of masochist? Well no, not as far as I’ve found out in life. Here’s the thing; when you get a good game, when you’re facing a balanced team, when you come through adversity and work together, then if you win or lose you’re having a good time.


Oh, and play with people you know. I’ve actually never once played a game with less than 2 other people who I’m talking to who I’ve played before. I hear playing solo ain’t great.


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