I got a lot of painting to do…

2016-01-12 10.45.13

I suspect this is by no means unique to me: getting into a new system to me means buying way too much and painting way too little. This is most of my assembled Bolt Action stuff (plus some partially assembled bits and bobs) and there are probably at least 50 more Soviet infantry chaps left to make. Yikes! Given that I want to repaint both of the Soviet vehicles I’ve tried, this makes for a lot of painting to do.

Progress to follow!


Hello! I am back again.

So, it’s been about 2 years since I updated this site. I’ve been really very lazy haven’t I?

2015-12-19 20.28.08

Well, as well as starting a full-time history degree this year, I’ve jumped back into the world of miniature wargaming, as well as board games and card games. I still like videogames too, don’t worry! I just have less time for them now that I am often painting an evil robot soldier or a Soviet Lieutenant.

2015-12-28 22.56.09

So what exactly have I wasted so much of my money on recently? Well, I’m glad you asked. For miniature games:

  • Bolt Action (a 28mm world war 2 game), having purchased sizeable Soviet and German armies (also have a few Americans too).
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles. So I know this game is officially dead as of a few months ago when Age of Sigmar came out, but I honestly much prefer it to it’s newer iteration. I’ll talk in detail about my feelings about Age of Sigmar at a later date most likely, but suffice to say that I like old Warhammer and am keen to give the community-made 9th-Age a try. I collect Skaven and High Elves.
  • Warhammer 40k – not gotten too much back into this, but I have a large amount of old Space Marines and Necrons in my cupboards that I’ve painted a few more of and bought a few more minis for.
  • Dropzone Commander. This is a 10mm sci-fi wargame that I really like and have bought a little bit of, but have been unable to find anyone willing to play as of yet. Oh well! Hopefully that will change soon.
  • Star Wars Armada. A disappointing lack of painting (although I do plan to paint my squadrons eventually) and fairly huge price-points: but by God it’s a fun game. This has also been the easiest one to get other people interested in playing, probably because it’s a bit simpler than most miniature games and the theme.

2015-12-20 21.01.59What else? Oh yes there are lots of board games. These are much simpler and easier to get people to play, and also most of the time allow for more than 2 players, which is nice. I won’t list everything I own or have played, but particular favourites include Machi Koro, Galaxy Truckers, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Board games are just a nice way to spend time with friends!

2015-12-30 14.28.44

Also card games! I got into Android: Netrunner due to a lovely friend who introduced me to it, but I’ve also gone back to Magic: The Gathering. It may or may not be an amazing game, but I love making decks and opening booster packs. It’s an expensive habit to be sure, but one I like to indulge in.

2016-01-05 11.05.38

So yes, hello, I am here again. I will probably talk about videogames too at some point. Glad to be back!